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Tales of a Dead City - text


I can remember times of peace and of complacency
where fear was a fairy tale my parents narrated me
but my world turned fast into a desolate place in the dust of time
no one else around me, just their old forgotten signs!

When I close my eyes, I feel loneliness for beyond redemption
When I close my eyes, there is nothing left but isolation
so many people surrounded me, my whole life long
but like shadows fear the sun, they are all gone!

All this places where I have been for so many years are now just naked stones, they all lost their souls...
Cold winds invade the forsaken streets like no human being had ever walked the earth... is anyone left out there?

I am lost in my memories of colors and lights
I forgot all morality and I feel numb, night by night

Faint reflections of the past are watching me through broken glass and mirrors
hate and charges fill their empty eyes, icecold and motionless, trapped in eternity

More and more I fall into a trance, everything around me fades into grey!
Reality and ficition conflate into a world that shouldn't exist!
Paranoia - anxiety states... I feel haunted, there is no way out!
Step by step I'm losing my mind, insantiy prevails, takes over command!

My eyes wide open, my blood's running fast
I am caught in delirium, am I alive at last?
Is it air that fills my lungs, or was it all just a dream?
Is it all just in my head and not as real as it seems?

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