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Refugium - text


Just watch the sunset and listen to the wind
In peaceful silence, hear the voice within
Take this moment, it's all that I can give
A tearless farewell as my very last gift!
There is no reason to grieve for me
I am not gone forever, I just break free!
It is predestined to leave this world in solitude
But someday you will follow, be sure someday you'll cross my way again!

Gentle creeks drawn in soil
like silhouettes of another world
A breath of wind tells of somber fates
but all those sorrows dwell so far away!

Just watch the sunset and listen to the wind
hear my words, I'm the voice within!
Take this moment, it's my last chance
for one last farewell, for one last dance!

There is no reason for you to cry
I have left this place, but I have not died
We always knew that nothing lasts forever
So one day you will leave as well, one day you'll break this worldly spell!

This life felt like an endless search
for the place where I belong, for my saving resort!
This life led me to the gates of what we couldn't see
to find my final shelter, where I'm not just a refugee!
You saved my life for so many years
But I had to pass the threshold, beyond my fears
I've seen this place in my dreams night by night
My own Refugium, my own realm on the other side!

Mellow lands so old and wise
like untouched clouds up in the sky
A breath of wind whispers your name
oh please come home, this live was just a game!

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