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While the world is high on fire
And everything we are used to be
Is close to falling apart

We act like there is nothing,
Nothing that tempers delight,
Nothing concuss’ our lives
And forces us to hell!

All around me people telling their stories
About how great and selfless they are!
But if you need help without reward
Nobody’s there, no one cares!

They always said: 'become whatever you want!
Just catch your dreams, just think you are a special one!'
But you’ll grow older and you’ll see how real life is!
Broken dreams will haunt you through the nightside abyss!

I will live my life
Without these inner strife!
Just be a man of his word!
Among this perverted world!

Just a few out there will understand my vision
And not many of you deserve my trust!
But for those who always stood beside me
I will walk through fire and dust!!

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