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Plumpkin - text


ORANGE: lalalalalalalalalalalala Singin' a song, lalalalalalalalalalalala Singin' a song lalalalalalalalalalalala
PUMPKIN: Thanks a lot. I'm getting real sick and tired of being dragged all over the place.
ORANGE: Whoa! You're the biggest orange I've even seen!
PUMPKIN: What? I'm not orange.
ORANGE: You must be my big brother!
PUMPKIN: I'm not your brother.
ORANGE: Yeah, ya are. I'm orange, you're orange, we're both oranges!
PUMPKIN: I'm not orange, I'm pumpkin.
ORANGE: Pumpkin? Don't you mean "plumpkin"? Hahaha!You're huge!
PUMPKIN: Ha, ha, ha, that's real funny.
ORANGE: Hay plumpkin!
PUMPKIN: It's pumpkin!
ORANGE: Hay! Hay plumpkin!
ORANGE: How'd you get so plump? hahaha! Hay plumpkin, wanna see a trick?
PUMPKIN: Not really
ORANGE: Hahahaha!!!!!
PUMPKIN: Yeah, that's not even trick.
ORANGE: Hay plumpkin!
PUMPKIN: It's pumpkin!
ORANGE: Hay plumpkin!
PUMPKIN: It's pumpkin!
ORANGE: Hay plumpkin!
ORANGE: Can you touch you eyeball with your tongue?
ORANGE: You haven't even tried it yet. Try it! Errrrrr!
PUMPKIN: I don't want to try it.
ORANGE: Errrrrrrr! Almost! Errrrrrr!
PUMPKIN: Would you stop that?
ORANGE: I almost got it.
PUMPKIN: Orange, Knock it off!
ORANGE: You are not trying.
PUMPKIN: Oh my god, stop it!
PUMPKIN: You know, I'm a pretty relaxed guy most of time and it takes a lot to get me riled but you, you are driving me crazy and I've only been here - what? - a minute. You don't shut up! And it's pumpkin! Pumpkin! Not orange, not pumpkin, and i am not your brother. What? What is it? Why are you mumbling and making that face?
ORANGE: Knife.
PUMPKIN: Hh? aaaaaaaaw!
ORANGE: Somebody should take that guy's knife away. Right in the head. Oh, no he's tearing your insides out. Hay! Hay plumpkin! Hay plumpkin! Hay! Hay plumpkin, somebody a carved a face on your butt.
PUMPKIN: Hahaha...
ORANGE: Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Oh, hay, who turned out the lights?

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