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Epic rap battles of kitnchery 2 - text


Look like small fry,here got elected the fal guy time for tall guy to drob bombs apple's appalled by when taking on fast food mini macs come in last dude call you midget to your midget face regardless if that's rude i'm living life super-sized scales tip in my favor ladies diggin' my flavor cause biggie's one hot po-tater my gravyty's strong you're too small to repel it if it you who fell on newton's head newton wouldn't felt it (midget apple) preferred term's little apple the m-world's messed up compared to mine your rhymes are tasteless perhaps you should ketchup teeny weeny itsy bitsy shrimp i've heard it before gonna take more to cut this this apple's core but nice spore how do these rhymes come to me so easili i don't know now retrun to teritory more befitting idaho lyrics as toxic as any apple seed: cyanide looking a litle fried there,fries baest step aside (bigie fries) I might look a litle fried bit you look a lot little you mad,bro? here's the world's tiniiest fiddle yo i'll mcgriddle and mcrribs this kid you told a whopper of a tale in which you actually win bad new for you scmhmuck you lose and you suck that's what happens when you pick the phattest friar since tuck i've served billions consider yourself among 'em you're more annoying than your friend drive-thru come agin(midget apple) let's not compare apples to oranges i'd radher we saw whose linguistic skills reign superior n'est pas? artificial flavors you're so fake, absurd you call yourself a french fry? Dude you don't speak a world biggie biggie biggie can't parlez you're keeping doctors in business i keep doctor away i hope i got your eyes seeing red evry last one i also hope you've made your peace cause ding! fries are done

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Video přidal fake4321

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