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Epic rap battles of kitnchery - text


won't melt in your hand,bud i'll hand you a loss,see?Handili defeated by the candy famil posse i got mounts of red hot rhymes,let me tell ya warheads,fire bals i'll candy shell ya.Leave a pulpy crater,find passion and i will date her ! beat you up good a plenty now a later.As much as i'm enjoying toying with an orange who's annoying i should just be gettin' going cuz i'm blatantly destroying you!Gues what i can do,numumumumum num numumu umumumu stop it!I'll win know why?Cuz i'm so fruit fly and you'll prbably lose cuz you're a vegetable. chocolate!You rap like apple,get out of here and grapple with the fakt that you go absolutely horyyble with snapple hey!Knock,knock.Who's there?The skitle i beat! cuz i spit mad rhymes like i spid mad seeds!I've got a riddle for you.What kind of skitle has a litle´´m´´.Brittle shell,and chocholatey middle?It dones't atke a smartie or a nerad to know i'm mam!The agin you're a lemon head,so come agin?Nothing rhymes with orange,so you got no rhymes just like just got no hands,and no chance hey!A handstat to spell it out,then i'll pack it in the ´´m´´stands for ´´me´´the ´´w´´ stands for win hey hey hey is for horrses!You sanck are all whack,not even main courses.Betcha can'teven touch to your eye youst like youst can't withstand my rhymes that cut like a knife! cha...whatever!No...knife!

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Video přidal fake4321

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