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Angry Birds: GRANDPA LEMON - text


GRANDPA LEMON: Wha well well. Now how does this doohickey work?
ORANGE: You told you, grandpa lemon. It's like a catapult.
GRANDPA LEMON: A catterpillar? Well, they didn't look like that in my day. Reminds me of the time I went to Tangiers with a pretty little banana named Chiquita.
GRAPEFRUIT: Down in front! Come on gramps. Keep it movin'.
GRANDPA LEMON: Who said what now?
PIGS: Chroo chroo.
ORANGE: Hahaha! They are really "hamming" it up. Time to show'em what you got grandpa.
GRANDPA LEMON: Fair enough. Time to show you whippersnappers how to kick old school....
PIGS: Chroo chroo.
GRAPEFRUIT: Aw, great, look to him. He's just snoring lungs there.
ORANGE: Yeah. Literally.
GRANDPA LEMON: Zzzzzz.....
CHAINSAW: Wroooow! Wrooow! Wrooow!
GRANDPA LEMON: Wha! Wha! Whoa! What's that's noise?
ORANGE: Yay! Way to go grandpa! You really "saw" through them.
GRANDPA LEMON: Saw through what now?

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