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Its hard to sleep when there's a
knife in your backsits even harder to hold back
when you want to attack
(so I won't)
no one respects you, we all hope you choke
You're not a man, you're a fucking joke
you're a fucking joke!
I gave you everything, I made you and then erased you
lying like a worm to your family, fucking pathetic
goodbye my friend this is my final word
if you ever cross my path ill stomp you to the curb
You're fucking dead to me
You're fucking dead to us
and now im fucking pissed.
No one will remember your name no legend or fame
They've forgotten
You waste of life
So just take a look in my eyes and you will realise I ain't joking
you waste of life
we fucking hate you
I don't care about your life
and if you died today I wouldn't give a fuck
you're a fucking joke
and if you came to me begging on your knees I wouldn't feel anything
I'd spit in your face I know you're weak, we all know its true
all your bullshit has finally caught up with you
ou stole from friends, now you've lost them too
Karmas a bitch and so are you(repeated until end)

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