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The One You Serve - text


I creep into you like a perfect disease
I prey upon your state of mind
I come to get you in your moment of weakness
It's nooonly time until you're mine

Follow me, don't you see
That this is what you deserve
Bow to me, can't you see
I'm the one you serve

Just sit back, as I sink in my teeth
I get my hooks into your soul
You'll never see me until it is too late
And I will never let you go

Medicate, intoxicate, I feel so numb
Rapture, ecstasy, second to none
Tyrannize, victimize, corrupt the brain
Consqeuence, death sentence or driving you insane

Welcome to your new obsession
Another self-destructing slave
Swallowing the poison, one by one
I'm gonna take you to your grave

Text přidal roman59

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