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The Wolf and The Sheep - text

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What a light show buried here. Drop a friend and then you're clear.
Little voices company, burn the letter and hide your feet.
What a chance to be a fool. Stuck my finger to the honest rule.
I'm a liar I can get my cheat, love the burn of the blazing heat.
And oh, it tastes so sweet. Oh, it won't keep.
What a mess I've made out here.
Closed my eyes and romanced fear.
With the dogs my dirt is dear, I'm you.
Out alive and get a prize. Better stupid never wise.
Pretty colors dipped in lies I'm through.
Don't forget you have to sleep. Wolf aside you're still a sheep.
Better yet I'm bleeding deep but blue.
Bit my tongue I'm acting young I'm not stopping now.
In the day I ran away the night has taught me how.

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