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Cuckoo's call the evening to still,
The sky went down and the nightbird's wing
Falls over, the last day of Spring.

Chorus (after each verse):
For Summer is in,
Everyone sing
Ah, ah, ah,
Let us begin!

The other day, it being warm
We walked beside the fresh green corn,
Gathered flowers in a garland to deck the day.

Friends and neighbours gather near,
Come drink with us a brew of beer?
And share in our fortune that the sun does bring.

The king and the queen one morning in May
Played chess in the valley to see who could stay,
The stream in its travels laughing away.

We've sung in the markets, the pubs and the fair,
We made no money, but what do we care?
We'll sleep in a haystack and be on our way.

We've gathered our feast along the seashore,
Cockles and mussels, enough for us all.
We'll eat in the sand dunes and then go back for more.

Scattered around us, where we lay,
Are the bones of million years away,
Bleached by the sunshine in the past few day.

Think of the ages blown in the sand,
Think where an ancient people did stand,
And think of your fortune to be child of this land.

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