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“You're moving on”
that's what they say
but how can i feel this way?

With a broken heart
alone in the dark
Looking for a way to escape

When it gets hard, gotta stay strong
When everybody wants you to fail
Way of the world today

You lost the spark
And that's the worst part
But you gotta take the good with the bad

No matter what cards you got
You still gotta play your hand

When it gets hard, gotta stay strong
You'll see what I mean one day
(it could be) the way of the world today


worst part is over signs will show ya when you're true
It's always the darkest before you see light


you keep on falling hear me calling out to you
just don't give up don't let nobody break you down

Get back on your feet when
They knockin you down

And keep believing
Just follow the sound
So when you're falling hear me calling I keep holding on to you...

Text přidala Blair

Video přidala NikiTM


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