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Stressed Out - text

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Listen up 'cause I gotta tell you
Where is ? I've been trough?
to make it happy, how much does it take?
I'm not saying that I won't give up now
That you're acting ?
And the drama is only getting deeper
Do you like the feeling?
Now I'm ? sign
Have a ? now
I'll be ? my heart begins to feel the pressure

Stressed out, can't you see the situation?
Stressed out, with all the aggrevation
Calm down, until complication
This is the night
Stressed out, another competition
Stressed out, before your information
Calm down, we need liberation
This is the night

Running fast the roller coaster
You'll be screaming 'till the ride is over
Come and skip to the happy ending
If I have no way
I would never let things get higher
Running back only ?
Come and skip to the happy ending
I don't really know what you see
Now acording sign
Out of breath now
I'll be ? my heart begins to feel the


When you feel down
What's with that
I don't need this love
Stressed out
Come around
Calm down
This is the night

Here we are, the stars are falling
Here we are, in the point it's dawning
Should you try picking up the pieces
Or leave them on the floor

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