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It's like we're dead in the water
Past the point of no return
Surrounded by cracks that we can't mend

Tell me where was the warning?
Didn't pack my parachute?
Freefalling right in to the pain

The same routine where no one ever wins

We keep going over and over and over and over again
Going around and around and around never reaching the end
When a heart is beaten, it stops beating, beating
Cos when it's broken, it's broken, it's broken, it won't ever mend

Every word is a weapon
Designed to hide the truth
But the only truth, is knowing we can't mend

So what keeps us from leaving?
This hell we'll never freeze
We're somehow addicted to the pain

The same routine where no one ever wins

So instead of taking sides, we try to come together
Don't break it, Don't break it
But we don't listen to ourselves, we're crying for help
No one gets out alive
Won't make it, we won't make it out

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