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I´m done
I want u gone
Still we don´t split

There´s not much
to smile about
But I fake it

No I don´t think we rock
Not much left, the glitters fading
So what we have must stop
A clean cut, not worth debating

Still every time
We cover up and we make it
That´s what we get
for keeping it alive

Your heart is calling
but I just can´t hear enough
Lost in a wicked case of bad love
We keep on falling
And I see the curtain drop
Can´tu see this is insane
I´ll scream and shout
Then spit you out
I´m hurt, no doubt
Still the song remains the same
Your heart is calling
But I just can´t hear enough
Stuck in a broken kind of good love

If u like
Then I despise
And well that´s it
(If u like I despise)

(There's) no need
To harmonize
We just don´t hit

We´re done reaching out
What´s left without pretending?
Beyond a shadow of doubt
We´re good but past defending

Still every time
We´ve covered up, we´ve made it
But still…What do I get
by keeping it alive

Your heart is calling…

Inside I feel my heart is dead
Inside I feel that this is it
And I´m not OK

Your heart is calling…

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