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Climate Change - text


The mud in me
The climate change
It shouldn't be raining

Handshake doesn't work
Snowflakes so loud
The heart I used to hear

A dead girl in the lake
Next spring the trees won't awake
We'll all go in the sea
Will you think about me?
Will you?

How many years ahead of you
- this is your last life
And they all say it's not okay
for this time fo the year
There's nothing more beneath
The last winter air you breathe
So hold your wheel and drive
It's the last mountain alive
The last mountain alive

If you believe in flames
you do believe in ice
Do you believe in the end?

Please send a good wind to our sails
the hole is under the waterline
You're still at school
The sky's black with stormclouds
- can you make it home?
This is the last thing for real
This is the last thing I feel
Before it all comes true
Let me burn out for you
Let me burn out for you

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