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Sittin' here lonely like a broken man
Sell my time and do the best I can
All walls and Bars they’re surroundin’ me
But I don't want your sympathy, yeah
Oh baby, oh baby, I just need your tender lovin'
To keep me cool in this burnin' oven
When my time is up, be my rebirth
Life-time's work on God's green earth
My rebirth, my rebirth, baby, yeah means my rebirth, ya-ehhhhh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby, baby, baby, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, aahow, aah, aahow, yeah, (pause) yeah, yeah,
Ice cold waters runnin' in my brain
And they take me back to work again
Pains and blisters on my minds and my hands
From livin' daily with those canvas bangs
Thoughts of freedom their drivin' me wild
And I'll be happy like a new born child
We'll be together, girl, you, wait and see
No more walls keep your love from me
Yeah, can't you feel my love
Baby, baby, need you, squeeze you,
Naaahhh-no....body but, nobody but, you girl, I lo-ove you, need ya, alright,
I said everything's gonna be alright
And if you don't believe what I say
Just listen babe, I tell you
Can't you feel my love
Can't you see my sweet love
Can't you hear my love
it's getting louder
It's getting louder
A little closer, yeaaaaah
I said baby, I need you, c'mon, squeeze, pleeeease
Lord, I love you, I need you, yeah
Yeah, right by my side
I need you here by my side
But I can't help it baby
But I'll be home soon
I'll be home soon, yeah
All right, whoa…..

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