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Mephistopheles - text


"So, what do we do here now?" said the prophet to the priest
"I see so much confusion now we bind them with belief."
"We take a little bit of honey, and put it out of reach
Grow fat upon their monies as we promise them relief."
Well Adam should have never took that apple from the tree
Knowledge bound and tight in chains of doubt and misery
Bet he wishes that he'd stayed at home and spent more time with Eve
Colors started bleeding from the palette of his dreams

So, Music Mephistopheles I summon you to sing for me
Call you across the endless sea through deserts of eternity
Said I would a weaver be, and spin in sound this tapestry
My moods become a melody; my music's mirrors shades in me
Then fire splits the nada, glimpsed chance dancing in shadow
"Spirit, tell me where this boat goes, for I don't know. Am I wasting all my time?"

A shadow broke the circle and a stranger took my hand
And placed one palm in the ocean and the other in the sand
A cold, dead planet raced between a dancing moon and sun
Kaleidoscopes of consciousness they flicker then are gone
You pretty little people just the wood the fire burns
As ashes are to ashes, so to dust we shall return

A businessman awakens and puts on his suit and tie
Leaves the house in darkness for the 7:25
And then he glimpses in the windows rows of tired, hollow eyes
Rubs his own and wonders, "What has happened to my life?"
The Director's in the counting house counting what he's got
Besides a single plastic flower in a plastic flowerpot
And his fat fingers snap his coins in little towers on his desk
"Going to brand them all like cattle put our logos on their chests."
What do you think I see now when I'm looking at our lives?
Little fucking money puppets dancing in a line

I hear a newborn baby screaming and a lonely widow sigh
See people needing people like the spider needs the fly
A silent moonbeam passing through a broken windowpane
Desire sends you dancing like a moth into the flame
And that sweet mistress marijuana just ain't treating me the same
I used to meet the gaze of strangers once, now I look away
Round me runs the traffic, and above me thunder trains
Sun don't shine in London town it only seems to rain

Lightning struck the tower and the stars began to fall
Wrote my name in fire with my finger on the wall
Call you by celebrity, by magazines, and MTV
Bind you in their company
Summon you to sing for me

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