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I'm counting down from hundred, trying to avoid
All of my unlucky number's hiding in the row
While the tap is dripping, predicting what will be
And even numbers scare me, they even set me free
It's funny when you think about it how coincidence
It's funny when you think about your life
You could have another fate
You could be another place
If you turned right, you turn left
Or if you just walked out ahead
I'm counting all the crooked cracks, running thru
My floor
Like tiny canyons showing me how to find your door
While a bell is counting out what destiny will
More than eight I'll call you, less I call it a day
If I had never met you
Surely I'd be someone else
Less I'm good, less I'm bad
Less the strangest love I ever had
Just think about, think about it ooohh
You could have another fate, you could have
Another fate
Counting down from hundred, counting down
It's funny when you think about it, how
Coincidence rules
It's funny when you think about your life

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