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Here it goes again
Awakening in a state where I'm already feeling spent and unable recuperate
Torn from nirvana
I just want to close my eyes and dream away
this stress and pain I can't hold back the tide
I know that if I just let go
The sea of immensity will mercilessly swallow me whole
I never asked for this life
Born into ruin, grasping onto light

Day after day
Beaten, I chip away
Toiling through vexations
Wave after wave
I feel like a slave
Doomed to this constant decay

The past piling high
Forgotten dreams
I left to die

Fed such lies we swallow them whole
Vain, bitter and vile
Crippling my will and leaving me senseless
Why am I aware of this?
Stuck in a cycle ever so torturous
Wake up
It’s your life and only you control it
We must free ourselves alone from our own torments

Sick of the patterns I have forged
with my own intent and I figure
This is all I'm ever going to be, relentlessly
Recycling forward unto naught, all progression returns to rot
Unable to resist the urge to slip
A failed captain goes down with his ship

To drown in unending days
Hopelessly as you pray
You drown in your petty ways, witness us wither away
Wither away with us

Day after day
Beaten, I chip away
Day after day
Breaking my back as I dig
my shallow grave I slowly rot away
Day after day
Forgetting to breathe
Day after day
Searching through sorrow
To find a way for this strain to leave me

Day after day
Beaten, I chip away
Toiling through vexations
Wave after wave I'm feeling like a slave
Doomed to this constant decay

Day by day, I slave away in mediocrity
Day by day, cultivating my anxiety
Day by day, I waste away into obscurity
Underneath the pressure
of the fear that takes control of me

This weight I bear breaks my legs, shatters my spine
Empty inside
Cycles of sickness seem to be my only form of existence

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Unholy Alliance (Split with A Night In Texas)

AngelMaker texty

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