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The pleasure is all mine to take this life, you worthless swine.
Your death unknown it won't be quick,
To the back of the head with a fucking brick

Broken, beaten, left to die
No one will hear your screams as they echo
Across the fucking sky

I'll tie you to your bed and set your fucking world ablaze
All these memories inside burned along with your existence

I am the one who lurks in
The shadow of your nightmare

This is the incentive obituary,
Taking over hatred is nothing but insanity,
Nightmares instinctive in calamity
This is for your entity

Drain the blood
From your veins
Birth new life from your scattered remains

Drain the blood from your veins
Birth new life from your scattered remains

No longer will I hear your wretched voice echoing inside my restless mind

You will forever fucking rest
In this shallow grave
Of treachery
You lay and pray to your god
Well, that god you speak of IS DEAD
In my basement
With a bullet in his head
Never the sun of tomorrow shall you see

Left to rot in a ditch you fucking bitch

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Decay (EP)

AngelMaker texty

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