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In Stockholm, 1982.
I grow up in a world where everything is possible.
No limitations, no racial or financial issues,
A world full of hopes and dreams.
I lost my dad when I was 14.
I lost my stepdad at the age of 18, both by the consequences of violence.
My dad was murdered and my stepdad died after years of struggling in a wheelchair, that violence put in him.
It threw me off life.
It took something so precious away from me that I started to see the issues we have in our society.
I could now see racism, classism and discomfort amongst middle class.
A world full of violence and it was something I hadn't seen before.
A world that was dark and bitter.
Shortly after my realisation I discovered something special,
so special that it drowned all the negativity and darkness.
I discovered music, the powerful language of unity.
Music killed depression, slaughtered racism and strangled struggle.
Music has no religion, no colour nor limit.
Music was a cure. My ear, my blood.
It kept my heart beating and it made me who I am.
My wish for us now is to take a moment and reflect on what's going on in the world.
To tune in and feel the power to end all bad lies within all of us.
Together we can change the world, make it a better place,
make it a place of happiness and unity, undivided.
Let's take a moment together to gather strength and start this day feeling as important as it can be.
The power is ours. Take a moment.

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