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Survival of the Richest - text

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We had a place by the ocean
We lived by it's rules
And our housee seemed to hover
Over the tide
Until that Boxing Day morning
When all slates were wiped clean
And though the wave evanescent
The change permanent
And while we were looking for loved ones
They sealed off the beach
We were told we would not be safe there
And the barricade grew
As a provisional precaution
We were moved off the island
No return tickets given
We still gaze at our home from the town
They've cleared the rubble
And with it everything else
Strong foundations set for the five star hotels
No wave can compare
This compels us to die
It is survival of the richest
With enormous appetite
It steals, it robs, it takes, it snitches
Like there's no tomorrow
It is unnatural selection
The lucky and the dead
The fever spreads like an infection
A cancer on the earth
It won't ever be the same
To them this is just a game
But it will never be the same
They say this camp's temporary
But what will come next
They lay down pipes for our sewers
But didn't drill any wells
And the streets of Male's still flooded
And we are but drops
In an ocean of people
With nowhere to go
It is survival of the richest...
It won't ever be the same
A tsunami will rise again
It will never be the same
A tsunami will rise again

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