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Ripping through the darkness
Rays from spotlights drawing lines
Sending out a message
From which nobody can hide
Searching for a weakness
Or ignorance of any kind
Capital neon letters
Casting shadows in my mind

Prompting for attention
Making me feel sick
Insulting my intelligence
With every cheapish trick
What they're really after
Is as clear as the signs
The message isn't subtle
Between those neon lines

Lies 'r' us
We make up everything we're selling
In fear we trust
With it comes need and hypochondria
We rip the crust
Tear it off, and let new blood flow like
Tears from lush
And we squeeze, and we're laughing at you

Standing at the crossroads
The grave torment of choice
My silhuette defining
Against the background noise
Contemplating weapon
Sarcasm, irony or dis
Leaning towards candor
And sober analysis

Hello Hello Moto
I'm not sure I'm lovin' it
Santa's favourite soda
Will make you just as fit
And am I really worth it
Am I having it my way
I figure I'll just do it
I'll think different - as you say

Lies 'r' us...

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