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Thoughts make up the pages
The page contains the thought
Burning for the winds of changes
But that wind will feed the fire
Ash to ash - stories ending
Dust to dust - flakes ascending
Burn debris burn - the breath of writers
Choke on smoke - freedom fighters
In order to deny the story
The story must be read
To judge if harm can be inflicted
You must inflict the harm
Ash to ash - innocense lost
Dust to dust - this is the cost
Censoring truth - leftovers buried
In our minds - still residing
In retrospect
There's plenty left
To tell the facts behind the lies
Put sound to every pantomime
Should not outlive
The modal verbs of humbleness
The what if, maybe and I guess
Still trapped beneath
The boulders of authority
Whispered phrases dodging
Immature publicity
Every aspect covered
Except the danger
Of airborne phonetics
Hitting the tympanic
The long lost written words
The long lost written words
Spoken out loud
If regressive new ideas must vanish
The idea is still regress
The pureness of the soul in danger
The danger is the soul
Ash to ash - lives are ending
Dust to dust - flakes ascending
Heinrich Heine - your words still echo
Lost and found - author unknown
Author unknown

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