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In your asylum
Guarded by fire
A castle of ice resides
Bordered by wire
In perfect silence
The shape of your body
That I know you're in

I look into those eyes
See nothing but despise
In your eyes
As love turns to hate
Love turns to hate

In your asylum
Behind those walls
The night sky is endless
But there are no stars
They have all fallen
You've made your last wish
And you try not to think of the fact
That I still exist

And you pretend you cannot hear
This monologue my dear
As you hide
As love turns to hate
Love turns to hate

And everytime that I try
You turn your back, turn your back on me
And every way that I ride
The tangle and thorns awaiting me
A wall of roses
That exposes no entrance for me
You seem to be complete
Without me

In your asylum
Inside your shell
A pearl slowly forming
But noone can tell
If in the darkness
It sparkles and shines
And there's no way of knowing
If it's all lies

I can't explain but there's something
Unnatural in the way
That you cry
As love turns to hate
Love turns to hate

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