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Did you give it away
Did you give it away for free
Don't you give it away
Let's try to keep it in the family
I know you know desolation
Coming home with your pockets full of sand
I know it's no vacation
Now you're plowing your tiny patch of land
In a nation under your command
Did you give it away
Yeah I gave it away
Did you give it away for free
What would you have us pay?
I didn't know that your love was a commodity
What about appreciation
That depends on your depth and density
What about inflation
Your charts and graphs don't mean a thing to me
In your nation with its worthless currency

Would you hide in the hay
Would you hide in the hay with me
Won't you hide in the hay
Where it's dark and we can scarcely breathe or see
Assured asphyxiation
Where the foxes and field mice make their dens
Death by association
I swore I'd never take anyone there again
To this nation
A nation under your command

Text přidala Richenza

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