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Keep Your Secrets feat. Molly Bancroft - text

Take a drive, sweet night September
I feel alive, feel no pressure
City lights fade to a glow and
the truth truth is I dont wanna know and

I feel like theres an ocean, baby
River of tears and emotions lately
Building up, I feel it comin
I dont need one more drop of your lovin

I dont wanna know, I never wanna know
so keep your secrets, oh
Never wanna know, I dont wanna know
So keep your secrets, oh

Some day Ill be enough
Some day Ill be enough
Someday Ill be enough to hold your love
Never wanna hear a word you say
say to me and
your words wash away in the waves and
all I know is were in different places

The less I know, the better things will be and
the better way to know Im free and
City lights fade to a glow and
the truth truth is I dont wanna know and

Dont give it all away
Cause I cant hear your words
Doesnt really matter
To you its just a game
That I dont want to play
And anyone would say
that they feel the same
When you love someone like I loved you
I dont understand the way we are today
and I will never find you on my mind again
Im givin up on love Im giving up on you I dont know

Please keep your secrets to yourself

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