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Against Myself (T.C.D.I.) - text

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In the year of a new century and nine months
From the sky will come a great king of terror
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees
Fire approaches the great new city
In the city of God there will be a great thunder
Two brothers torn apart by chaos
While the fortress endures
The great leader will succumb
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning
(Nostradamus 1654)
This desire in order to deny the pain
The will for destruction no more in vain
In the new century, peace season
Not war even with a reason
Mind is weak and force makes death
This land is living on the edge
Against myself war in my head
To organize all this mess
We hope the leader will succumb for stop using the shot gun
The time, only when you want

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Force Against Mind

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