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Twice upon a lifetime
Was a mystic and a singer
Who sang too many songs of love
Lost faith in her belief
How can man divide his soul
Between this hell, this heaven
Singers seem to find
Too many problems
Never answers
When a sailor runs
Away to sea
He´s looking for his
Chance at destiny
In the end he´ll realize
That al lis fair in love
And dreams of mystery
Planes fly in with food
And love to save
The staving millions
While planes fly in to
Feed the hungry guns
Of disbelief
Politicians cry for votes
Shaking hands here
With the devil
Change the systém
Is the only song
They´ve got for singing
When a dreamer movies
From side to side
He´s looking for the
Words to justify
Like a singer lost
In her belief
She sings away her fear
Witzh every sigh
In the end you´ll
Realize that al lis truth
In love and mysteries
Of life
Twice upon a lifetime
Is just long eneough
To witness
All is all that
Dances round you
Singing as we live
Také it as it dcomes to you
This reflection of your living
Remembering that all in all
You´re part pf the forgiving

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