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The breakthrough was needed by the sign of the day
Singing out our evolution, children show the way
They made out a charter sealed with a song
It tooke me across the river to where I belong

Hurry home to your heart, hurry home to the voice
There are times for inner changes, be ready for the choice
Hurry home, said my love, hurry home to the stars
Start a new generation with the freedom that's ours

My friend said bear me witness, I'm coming alive
For the first time in our history no mountains to climb
Be the living soul of this time, be ye wise as the moon
Be the first new generation coming home, coming soon
They call it the cleansing of the loneliest soul
It's an honour to be alive, from this love we'll never fall

Hurry home to your heart, hurry home to the voice
There's a new point to living and a freedom of choice
There's a call throughout the kingdom, there's a call throughout the land
Be as clear as the stars above, holding love in your hand


We're gonna change our history, we're gonna change our style
They've been watching for many years, we're growing so wild
Be the children of the future, be the children of the age
We'll be standing there being counted with the strength that it takes


Hurry home to your heart, hurry home to the voice
Hurry home to your love, hurry home now
Hurry home to your voice

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In The City Of Angels

Jon Anderson texty

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