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My senses, how their impairment embitters me.
With each rise and fall of my chest do I breathe such fire.
Maintaining this caricature lacking opposition,
I have stained the sheets of so fair a berth.
I've wept for aeons in the maelstrom of vile addiction.
The hounds, their symphony, accompanies me no more.
The ties of depravity, my heart now ensnared.
How I have hung my head in regards to such shame,
Morals conflicting my disposition.
The discolour of my will, now afflicting
The neurotransmitters now prevalent in my despair.
With Id-like intent am I enclosed within such parameters.
Though mortified, I am not bewildered.
Colossal defeat, I shall ascend your cliffs again.
I have not yet rested in my grave.
This will not be my undoing.
Thine ashes encompass me, countess of all repulsions.
In ruin have I fashioned such wounds,
To forever reconcile these memories.
I will kneel no more.
Oh, darkest of venoms, I draw thee out.

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