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With unease have I slept these past months.
Her stride burning bright the confines of my dreams,
The sleight of hand unleashing this perfection.
To such heights she will grow.
Horrors deriven, ye who stand atop wondrous pyres.
You breathe eternal that no darkness shall withhold.
In favored fascination do I covet thee so.
And I have thirsted to bathe beneath such radiance,
Among the dancing of your flickering robe.
No encumbrance embracing your swell,
For no barrier could contain.
Only in morbid imaginings have
I dreamt of this cremation,
The joining of my ash to your unending tenure.
I who have awoken such madness ask only
This pittance of appeasement; to burn eternally
In your loving arms.
And to the dismay of my every thought does
She look down upon me in faces of aversion;
Her breath, her grasp cauterizing the tears I have shed.
Such multitudes of sorrow
I would welcome if it meant only your loving embrace,
Yet these woes I shall know eternal for
I still breathe alone.
And the sea of flames, folding in on itself,
Swallowed whole the entirety.
How the roar of that which remains untamed brings me
The only joy I this world have ever known

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