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Dear father,
It's been nine years
and I still see the hurt
in your eyes
Dear father,
I never understood
what it meant
to have to say goodbye
From birth to adolescence
from adolescence to now,
you taught me to be a man
but now I don't know how
I couldn't see
the forest for the trees
Never thought I'd see such sorrow,
Back then I thought it'd go tomorrow
I remember the moment that you found
that his fire was burning out
I remember the moment
That he was gone, gone forever
I watched a man as tall as mountains
crumble apart
I watched a man as strong as lions
lose all control
There's only ghosts in the winter
there's only floods when it rains
We lament in memory
of love, life, and his history
There's only pain in my heart
There's only regret
that I did not do my part
In knowing the man that molded you
The man who gave you a life so beautiful
I don't believe in heaven or hell,
but I hope he's with his family now
I don't believe in angels or god,
but I hope he's with your holy one
How can you be my savior without your savior?

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