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A Whisper from Sorrow - text

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The luminosity of your existence
shall not succumb to the hands of negation.
The contrary has taught me
that with golden feathered wings you will ascend.
The tragedy of such a day as this
has burned its place in my peaceful mind forever.
And I beheld your star,
burning brighter than the rest.
But as we who remember mourn,
the stars do not,
for your flare shall light the way
for all those lost who wander.
This tragedy has burned its mark
in every corner of my heart,
but it is to you that I look
when I fall upon my knees;
my eyes forever towards the sky.
It is with this sorrow in my mind
that my eyes shall forever gaze upon the sky,
knowing this truth more than myself,
that this regret shall not prevail.
But your memory still gives me strength.
Don't be disheartened.
Your journey does not end here.
My eyes forever towards the sky,
your journey does not end here.

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