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Drowning in a sea of blood
As the flame surrounds you
In this place your doomed to fall
By my will I make you crawl

The divine holding a crooked sceptre
I am the eye, standing above your
Wretched throne

I bring you fear, no one to see you
Rise again
your scrams will fall upon deaf ears

Everlasting portal of light
We come forth from hiding
Offer now this ritual death
My revenge will take you

May I fly, may I become the hunter
Walking the left hand path
The eternal ones I slay

I bring you fear, no one to see you
Rise again
Your screams will fall upon deaf ears

Gods of the north, their blood stains
Feed on their souls, vengeance will
Crush you

Pure of heart, pure of body
My words will be heard

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Voice of The Void

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