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Here I stand, high above
All this death, as it waits

Spiral crown, made of bone
Blackened blood, horns of agony
Staring down at their wastelands
Primal brain so pure of heart

Bleeding wrecthed blood
Skulls trampled from above

Make my way, down paths of
Sacred song, my soul is strong

I erase the path I take
Hating man horns over

Hands sinister and cold
Are all he's ever known

None shall defy me
All shall fear my ibex eye

Storm comes in disguise
Flames in my eyes

Sacred triumph of death
I will take their last breath

Sacred ways, triumph of death
They will take one last breath

Ancient ways, bringer of death
I will take their last breath

My call is my sword
I will be heard

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Voice of The Void

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