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The Halls of Eternity - text


The adamant gate behind me, has now been closed
A crack that has pulverized my mind

"What are you doing here in this world of dismay?"

Ancient decadence and sadness fill my ravaged mind
As I hear echoes of woe from centuries of dolor

Towards the blinding light from the nucleus I get drawn
As deafening cries of demons and angels burn my ears

The eyes that stare at me feel like needles in my brain
My blood is freezing by the sight of the fiery spectre

"I am the one who feeds on human calamities
Thousands of mortals suffer my power in this realm
Your presence has been desired for hundreds of years
Now that you have entered here

And as I wake up from the trance
I find myself inside an enormous odorous hall
Out here are all the horrors and beauties
Unknown to the mortal world

Out here in this forgotten world
All life seems to be condemned
Could anybody hear my screams of eternal pain?
I have drowned into a neverending world of trepidation
My mind is obscured by the darkest skies and fears

"Your soul is mine!"

Scrutinized, victimized,
hypnotized and paralyzed
By an infernal creature reigning
On thrones of torture and pain
Eternal enslavement I can't endure
Please let me die!
But in this world such wishes
Are not even heard

"Your soul is mine!
Your soul is mine!
You are trapped in my world
Your soul is forever mine!"

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The Halls of Eternity

Ancient texty

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