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Envision the Beast - text


Beware the beast, the green-eyed beast,
for pain is far too near
Exempt yourself, from its vicious wrath.
A beauty cast in fear
A lucious form, that drags you in,
blind of its own thirst
Of human hearts, a bloody feast,
the spawn of all men's curse.

No warning, no sign,
of what will thrust you way deep down
To the dark cold place, the fathomed deeps,
where in your flood you'll drown

Pity please, have mercy now
Spare my ease, don't break the vow.
I'm guilty of sincerity,
my doom is named, calamity

Avoid the fight, the stormblast clash,
for your soul will die,
there's no way back, from the blood red night
a destiny to cry,
the only hope, is to prevent
to fail where all men do
to break the spell, the trance we're in
envision what is true!

my fate seems sealed by life's own choice
I'm swirling forth with nature's voice
Destroying souls and reaping hearts
I may refrain, but it's my lust

My poor dear thing, my lustful child
You ravish joy, with your denial
Why can't you see my mind is king
I need a soul to re-awaken my heart
Your heart is numbed it needs to find,
a road to light through that black hole.
Like this your quest will never end,
For you seek home in no man's land!

No reason comes, to show its face
as emptiness sets in
A useless waste, now how you feel,
as tolerance wears thin
Your patience slowly turns to dust,
and you begin to smile
For you're that so much stronger to,
face the beast's denial

Another warning brings to you
The visions of a time
When man will learn with open eyes
The beast, the beast... the vicious crime!

Pity please, have mercy now
Spare my ease don't break the vow.
I'm guilty of not seeing you
A filthy, evil bowel!

My patience, it wears thin...
My swirling wrath begins...
To banish down within...
What's been under my skin.

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