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Troubled, enchained – blinded by a phantom agony,
The world comes closer to a deeper nightmare.
What is the reason for this heartbreaking vision
That is embracing me at my conclusion?
Traveling through dreams that make me tired,
Seeing the world break in the haze of war.
Can’t see the difference between me and all the others,
Going forward to lose my ground,
To lose my ground.
This is the fall,
This is the fall,
This is the fall of vanity,
The breakdown of faithless mankind.
This is the fall,
This is the fall,
This is the fall of vanity,
The major fault will become apparent.
My mind is not at ease – my opinions are not real.
When I’m alone, I’m doing things I should not do.
When I cannot stop, they cause my downfall.
The sin will not win – I have to be stronger.
I try so hard to conquer my depth,
But alone I will not manage – I need help.
Blind running through time – do not see the mighty grace
Given to my life,
To my life.
Bridge (spoken word):
Could it be the truth? Is it meant for me?
Who ist his strong, brave Savior who shares His blood with me?
I heard about Him when I was a child but one day I forgot Him.
And now in the hour of trial He’s calling my name.
I can’t believe He was always there; why was I so blind?
The noise of the world was too loud;
His voice could not be heard.
Please, please tell me what I should do.
I didn’t realize that You were always by my side.
I have to say sorry; it wasn’t meant like this.
I never intended to close the door before Your face.
I’m at aloss what to do; tell me, what is the next step?
The days I was faithless have been counted; please, save me from my sins.
So I will go tell the world, that the vanity must end.
It must be the time that they accept that You can heal the world.
The vanity of politicians and visions must fall.
When You come back
Into this world,
There will be no excuses for the things that we have done,
We have done.

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Pounded by Our Sins

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