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In the Land of the Damned - text


A man made from science
Betrayed by them all
Forced to flee into the night
Injecting as he falls
Humanoid empathic
But nothing remains here
A creature with no memory
It now feeds on fear

A trade in this darkened sea
A bride for all the gold
Within these darkened depths
She is bound to this withered hoard

All hail the queen!
Alive again she walks among us
Ageless with beauty
We're forever bound to her
Down to the tower
Lost within the sea
Awaken in the darkness
A being trapped for eternity

Cast down from deep in space
Falling endlessly
Into the atmosphere
To the bottom of the sea

Life in the shadow of man
Will he ever be free?
In search of isolation
He wanders on aimlessly
Your fear a cause to burn
My touch it brings you pain
Has he finally reached his end?
And found death in the land of the damned

I am the last one you'll see
Your blood now sinking down
Death from her cutlass
She cursed the crew of the serpent crown

Text přidal roman59

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