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Fight Another Day - text


A day of fire when the invaders came
The world we knew lies ruined and defamed
Half of us gone in the very first wave
Our efforts focus on the few that we can save

We look into the sky and wonder
Will we ever find our way?
Eyes staring back in disbelief
Into darkness we will fade

Out of the shelters and into the night
Race for the skies we’re gone before the light
Nothing is left and there’s no time to grieve
Endangered species makes ready to leave

What lies beyond the end of everything?
Can we go on in spite of all the pain?
For now we run until we find a way
Mankind it will survive to fight another day

In a flash of light
We fly to meet the stars
Earth not among them
Now behind so very far

A blackened silence replaces every day
Funeral shroud for the mother we betray
Will our earth be a distant memory?
And to our children just a fantasy

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