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Empire of Man - text


Into the black
The end of our line
We're defeated again
But for the last time
No more will we run
We fight if even to extinction
A destination set for earth
Is it our final flight?

No place for man among the stars
No solace in the cold of space

One ship descends
Alone against so many
We launch our attack
From out of the sun
Intense human fury
Destroys their defenses
We target in their cities
And launch our last offense

No place for them on our world
No mercy from humanity

We return to where it ends
And no longer roam
Our blood or theirs will spill
On the fields of home
To the ends of the earth
On our native land
To take back what is ours
The Empire of Man

So many sacrificed
To win back our land
They died for our existence
And the Empire of Man

They're caught unaware
A sleeping giant falls
Too self-assured to know
To be prepared
We use their own weapons against them
An ancient race it burns
We inherit the ash
For the Empire of Man

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