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Dawn of Forever - text


Long ago when darkness fell
Civilization plunged into night
Lives wasted, spent trapped within
A tunnel of sorrow devoid of light
Triumph, reclaim and rebuild
A celebration of victory
Slate wiped clean, begin again
Restore us to this our former glory

The ruins of old decay
Our reminders of the past
We leave with our yesterdays
To be forgotten at last
Now behold this world we've made
This feat of human endeavor
We declare ourselves supreme
At the dawn of forever

Landscapes of nothing
Slowly returning to life
From shades of death
Rise the next cities of home
Can our new world
Exist without peril
In the time to come
Rise the new people of Earth

Restoration now complete
The recreation of what we knew
The sun blesses our efforts
The countless years we struggled through
Shining in the bright of day
A gift for those yet to be
Will they realize our dream
Was for a future we'd never see?

Text přidal roman59

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