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Dark Before the Dawn - text


Straight on till morning
But the daylight never comes
Outside an endless void
Radiation and cosmic dust
Through the gulf of space
Towards some distant star
Far beyond our earth’s sky
Human kind will live or die

Dark side of heaven
Or the spiral arm of hell
Madness dwells in the deep
Screams in silence heard by none
Infinity it calls
As remorseless stars watch
The last life on earth
Make one last try for rebirth

A distant point of ancient light
Past dead and drifting suns
Godspeed on seas of fate
Longing for the end
Shrouded in eternal night
Ahead lies our destiny
A promised land we all await
In the dark before the dawn

A masterpiece of science
Built to ferry our souls
Faster than the speed of light
Is it beyond our reach?
These uncharted worlds
Our race on a desperate flight

Text přidal roman59

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