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Stay Down - text


I am alone, but only in spirit.
Hope’s never been so far away.
I stand watching with my back against the wall.
These aren’t the childhood dreams that I recall.

Everything’s taken from me, so many useless memories.
My guard’s let down, everything’s burning to the ground.
Rescue me from these broken dreams.
Our failure to evolve has left us drowning in unending misery.

We were told the end was near but we preferred an early grave.
The world opens up and drains itself of us so it can start again.
We only have ourselves to blame. How long can we survive here?

This war rages on. Our freedoms are gone.

You better hope there’s a heaven because no one can save you here.
No one can save you!
I tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen.
I tried to salvage a second chance.
Now you see that everything is burning.
Now you see, no one can save you.

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