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A return to form, a return to old, the lone hope in a dying world
When all is lost & forgotten we need only look to the past
A grim tradition honored by the true, the flame burns for the chosen few
With dedication to the dark arts, we trancend the mundane
The heroes of our heathen past have light the eternal path
Wandering the nightly abyss, answering the call of the black!
The darkness strengthens the minds of the elite
From the infinite forests to the deepest black seas
Our spirits dwell among the cold mist,
The great mountains, desolate plains and forgotten graves
Our heritage was forged with blood, through endless sorrow & tears
Great loss & tragedy, but from it great strength
We rise as a phoenix among the flames of old
We stand as stone, weathered but never broken
As a monument to the forgotten
We are the flames from the past, no hope for this dying world
Among the shadows, among the gloom, a requiem for the doomed
Amidst majestic pines and ancient oak, we follow the ways of raven and wolf
Reclaimation of times of old, in the solace of bitter cold
Traces of the pagan past uncovered from dust and ash
Summoned from a moonlight mass, the flames of old guide my path!

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Preserving All Darkness in This World

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