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The Dead Whispers of a Black Autumn - text

Voices of emptiness beckon me
upon grey horizons im one with thee
the dead whispers of black autumn
a reflection of my soul
and the sorrow of an ancient world calls from the unknown
Among desolation the mind is freed
in the embrace of lycanthropy
this curse - a blessing
that awakens these bones
and the autumnal fullmoon enchants my soul
The woods echo sorrow and a sombre voice is abound/amidst a depressed void/the silver moon my guiding light
In this dark place that you have led me/am i doomed to wander these autumn nights alone?
Spirits of emptiness haunt my clouded mind - for i am lost/my lone companions, desolation & despair
Amidst the black autummn midst/at dawn i shun the light/only the light of darkness shines within my mind!
The woods echo of loss and a mournful voice is abound/amidst this undead void/the autumn moon my guiding light
As the serpents kiss draws near/ i wander towards....
a gateway made of dead rotting trees
Celestial watchers - gaze upon- atrocities/in the black woods of burning inversions
enemies of light and all holiness feast upon the carrion thid melencholic night

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