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Preserving All Darkness in This World - text

From the black abyss of ancient tombs/called forth by ancient runes
rituals in ancient tounge/the black centurys dawn has begun
A grim shadow cast on humankind/a triumph of heathen will
otherworldly midnight summonings transpire this dreadful night
Coffin lid obscured my mist/within lies foul & grotesque
choirs from forgotten times once again begin to chime
Apparitional wolf shadows rise/this cryptic december night
arise! bearers of the black flame - destroyers of light
Those who preserve all darkness in this world will stand until the end
our strength to defy the false hope and lies of the modern world holds true in the end
From ashes of forgotten empires/a cermemonial return
come forth with immortal desire/embrace as the world burns
with strenghth of elder vampires/the sun moon & earth
until the light is vanquished forever/we are all cursed!
And the world grows the moon's embrace through a wintry haze
it resembles my pale reflection in this end of days.

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Preserving All Darkness in This World

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