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A Life to Remember / Echoes of a Past - text

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I’ve lived all my life with fear
Hidden behind the lit of science
Since I was just a child I refused to live by the rules
That a decadent society imposed me
They think with a mind they don’t own
They think they are free but they’re not
The echoes of a past, deafening my present
The stigmas I carry, still bleeding
I closed my books, I’m really confused, the things I just wrote have no sense yet still they are correct
Through years of research I think I have found the most feasible way to break the speed of light
I’ve lived my life just like my parents said
Obey the rules but believe in your dreams
So here I am, about to found what it could be the greatest discovery of mankind

Arriving to my home, lying on my bed where dreams and nightmares come true
I felt in a dream so profound, I’m leaving my body; levitating to the sky
I don’t know where I’m going!
A subjective nature has taken me to meet the truth that never was revealed!

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